Humpback Whale

Photo by Jacques Tournel

Photo by Jacques Tournel

Balaenoptera megaptera (long wings)
Baleen Whale (Mysticeti)


13 to 16 m


25 to 30 t

Behaviour And Appearance:

The Humpback whale is black on top and white underneath. Its name refers to the hump on which the back fin seems to be placed. The spout is about 3 m high and has a mushroom shape. Certainly the most spectacular whale as it can be seen breaching (leaping out of the water) and lobtailing (slapping the surface with the fluke).


Like our fingerprints, the markings under the tail of the Humpback are unique and have contributed to identifying certain individuals and populations.

Frequency of sightings of this species in Forillon:

Regularly seen from June to October.